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Welcome To Our Fantasy World

Our World of BDSM Fantasy Play reaches into many Variations and Kinks. We have been proud supporters of our local BDSM Community for over a decade. All our staff are active players and are happy to give advice from their own experience!

We resource our products from only reputable and proven suppliers, so when you buy from us, it is tested first! Wares and Wear also creates many of our own leather toys in our workshop, supporting and employing local craftspeople.


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Enter Our Red Room

Everything you could possible want to create your very own Red Room. Start with a Blind Fold, a simple tie, and a small paddle, and you are well on your imaginative way!

For the more advance player, we can fit your room with many levels of rope, manacles, cuffs, floggers, canes and so much more!

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Proud to sponsor Edmonton “O” Society, BDSM Educational Group



Proud to Sponsor “Come Out and Play – Edmonton” COPE. BDSM Play Parties.


Proud to participate in Lupercalia Annual BDSM Convention, February Each Year.

Everything Featured on our Fantasy Site, is available on our Sister Kink Store.

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Latex Play Wear

Our Favorite models are playing again, featuring their Latex play wear, and a simple bed bondage kit, that is easy to use in your bedroom or hotel room! Just loops under the mattress and clips onto our simple Buckled or Velcro Leather Cuffs.

Wares and Wear - Bedroom Bondage Kit

KINKSTORE is moving! We are so EXCITED!

We are moving to a bigger warehouse and a larger manufacturing area! We are going to have kink aware friendly space, which we will be renting out the space to other community groups or individuals to be able to offer WORKSHOPS, MEETINGS and a PLAY AREA!
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Latex Elbow Gloves

Elbow-length gloves made of 6mil latex, fall slightly below elbow on forearm. Exceptional fit and feel, these gloves are the perfect companion to many outfits.

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Black Latex Men’s Shorts w/ Pouch

Half-thigh length short with a pouch for the twig’n’berries. Exceptionally comfortable, just like boxer briefs. You could wear them out to the grocery store under jeans, nobody would know! Yes, I Want Them!

Bed Bound Restraint System

Composed of heavy duty nylon straps, claw clips and industrial-strength snaps, this is not something you will break free from easily. This system includes two pairs of Leather Cuffs. Yes, I Want One!

Bad Boys Get Tied Up!

Better be on good behavior, as those leather cuffs and heavy duty clips aren’t going to let you go anywhere! Looped under the mattress for fast hiding, or quick hotel room dungeon scenes!

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Good Girls Get Played With

Sometimes its fun just to swap around and change the roles.. they you can both have a taste of the fun! Remember what goes around can come around and Bite you!

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Red Room Toy Store

Whips, Paddles, Floggers, Canes, Cuffs, Blind Folds, Hoods, Medical Toys, Chastity Toys, Butt Plugs, Harnesses, Ropes, Safety Gear, CBT Toys, Dungeon Toys and naturally Special Orders!

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A Very Small Selection of Beginner Toys

Kinkstore.ca has over 900 items within its catalog of BDSM toys for all girls and boys! Many can be custom made to your own colours and specifications. We have lots of leathers and colours to pick from. Feel Free to call us for a chat about your “Special” requirements!


Rabbit Fur Floggers

Six standards colours to choose from, combinations available.


Suede Leather Floggers

Five standard colours, but can be mixed for 25 combinations.


Oil Leather Floggers

Five standard Colours with two layers, 25 combinations available.

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